,You pick the dates
:We fit a programme
Mission to Israel
!Dear friends

I am happy to invite you to pick a date and participate in our flagship exchange programme - Missions to Israel - taking place in Israel and the Palestinian Authority

The Missions give its participants the opportunity to visit and explore areas all over Israel; as well as Judea & Samaria, AKA West Bank

This international programme is designed to provide leading professionals with the opportunity to meet Israeli & Palestinian counterparts and to become acquainted with the Holyland and its people

Most senior Israeli officials, political leaders, representatives of Israeli state authorities, local government officials, scholars and best experts will participate as speakers in the programme

.Groups can incorporate the following basic programs to a full study trip of one week

:The topics and the dates of the Missions are flexible and can be changed by request
!!You choose your own topics and dates for your Mission and CPDH will fit it as you wish

.Further information about the programmes is available using the side menu

The missions are open to politicians, young leaders, students, political activists and inquisitive individuals, so we would appreciate if you would circulate it further among your professional and personal contacts

Assistance with obtaining visas can be provided, but we ask that if it is required, you notify us as soon as possible

,Thanks and can't wait to see you all in Israel


,Davidi Hermelin - President
.International Centre for Public Diplomacy, Israel