The Annual LGBT Mission to Israel 2014
Dear friends, Shalom from Israel!!

We are happy to invite you to participate in the CPDH-organised LGBT Mission to Israel, taking place in Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

Israel is one of the world’s most progressive countries in terms of equality for sexual minorities. Homosexuality was decriminalised in Israel over 20 years ago, and major Supreme Court decisions and groundbreaking legislation soon followed.

Tel-Aviv, the "Non-Stop City", has actually a population of only 400,000 people – most of them are young in age. It competes with all gay capitals around the globe: with the #1 gay scene in the whole Mediterranean region, an amazing beach, good weather, great food and other attractions in the small country like Jerusalem, Samaria, Golan Heights, Negev Desert and the Dead Sea – Tel-Aviv is definitely a place you should check out for your next trip.

We will begin our programme with the start of the Israeli Pride Week on Sunday, 8th June 2014, at noon; and will finis it on the early evening of Thursday, 12th June 2014, just before Tel-Aviv Pride Parade on Friday, 13th June 2014. With over 50 LGBT events throughout Pride Week – not to mention all the regular attractions the city has to offer – coming to Tel Aviv will be a vacation you will never forget.

The LGBT Mission gives its participants the opportunity to visit and explore the issue of LGBT equality and some other political areas all over Israel; as well as the Palestinian Authority.

This international programme is designed to provide its participants the opportunity to meet Israelis & Palestinians during the pride week and to become acquainted with the country's people and their culture.

This project will focus on study of equality in Israeli society and at the same time will provide better understanding of the Israeli society in general.

Most senior Israeli political leaders, representatives of Israeli state authorities, local government officials, scholars, best experts and LGBT activists will participate as lecturers in the programme.

The LGBT Mission is open to inquisitive individuals, so we would appreciate if you could circulate it further amongst your contacts.

You can find the programme, technical details and registration form at the side mane.

You can contact us via email or call me directly: +972-50-720-8333.

Thanks and can't wait to see you all in Israel,


Davidi Hermelin – President,
Centre for Public Diplomacy and HASBARA.